Festival Silks - Blue-Green


Very sexy silks in shades of blue green and violet. This outfit consists of a skimpy string bikini adorned with sheer sequined silks hanging in front and back from a sculpted metal and gem chain around the hip. The silks include a second, tiered bustle at the back that flow and flit as you dance. There are matching sequined gloves trimmed with more silks at the elbow, and sheer glittering stockings trimmed with lace.

• Bikini top
• Bikini bottom
• Hip chain
• Silks
• Bustle
• Stockings
• Gloves

More photos can be found here

This outfit makes use of Multi-Wearables in SL

This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.

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