Combining different tech to suit the outfit

Post update: Here is a link to the finished Dashing Pirate outfit on the Marketplace (in 5 colors!)
And there's a ladies version called Bonny Pirate, so you can outfit your whole crew!

Working on a new outfit this week that combines the best aspects of different tech to create what I have in my brain. The outfit is a musketeer's-era long pirate vest worn over a loose baggy poet-style white shirt. The challenge with this type of outfit in the past has been my inability to create a wide, gathered sleeve shirt. System layers don't give the volume I need, and attachments have always been awkward to wear. A wide sleeve is easy to sculpt, but the elbow always causes weirdness when the arm is bent or rotated.

My solution is to do the shirt with a rigged mesh sleeve. The body of the shirt is contained on the system layer, because I want it to fit closely to the body under the vest. The shirt has a natural, loose drop at the shoulder where the gathers of the sleeve begin, with fullness and athered fabric flowing from there, over the elbow, and pooling around the gathered wrist, widening back out, hanging loosely around the hand.

The BlakOpal Dashing Pirate outfit in production.

The sleeves work great as rigged mesh, since they bend and rotate naturally with the movements your arm. They fit automatically when you put it on, and are rigged to be adjustable with your body sliders.

The shirt collar I decided to do as a mesh attachment. The rigged mesh has limitations where the torso is concerned, and I don't want to force people to adjust their shape to wear my clothes. Attached mesh can be scaled and moved to fit your body just like any other attachment ('though my hope is that it just fits. ;) )

For the long vest I decided to stay old-school. I still like the way flex-prims move when you walk. Fabric should be affected by your movement. The vest tails aren't made of plastic, and even though rigged tails would move with your legs, they wouldn't flow behind you as you strolled. So the long vest is done with flexi tails.

There is still more to be done on this outfit. I am currently working on a mesh belt to give it a more finished, 'dashing' look. I may also do a musketeer-styled hat ... tho I do think it looks great with the outback styled BlakOpal Rambler Hat.

Anyhoo ... that's my thoughts for the day.

=^.^= blakopal =^.^=
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Nantes: a stylish suit with a steampunk flair

The latest suit in the shoppe for men is one of my new favorites. It's called the Nantes Suit and comes in four versions. This is a very versatile mix-and-match suit, with jackets interchangeable with vest-shirts, and multiple layered sculpted collars.
The BlakOpal Nantes Suit in black with a red vest has a wonderful houndstooth tweed jacket with a series of small buttons down the front, and a contrasting suede collar. The vest, in a shade of deep red with a subtle cog pattern, has a standing collar and metal buttons. The shirt underneath has a starched standing collar and french cuffs with cog cuff links. A classic silk bow tie is wrapped around the neck. The outfit includes coordinated pants with smooth pants flares. There is also a marvelous mekanikal belt buckle worn over the coattails with rotating gears and antique map.
Other colors include the BlakOpal Nantes Suit in chocolate brown tweed with a black vest. With it's own stylish standing vest collar, these outfits still looks fabulous without the jacket, for those time when you want to be a bit more relaxed. Separate collars also means you can wear a different vest with any jacket. The belt is also separate from the coattails, giving you even more opportunity to personalize your look.
The BlakOpal Nantes Suit in brown tweed with a copper vest.
And BlakOpal Nantes Suit in blue tweed with a burgundy vest.
I think any (or all) of them would make an excellent addition to any wardrobe! I do hope you enjoy them.

Many hugs!
=^.^= blakopal

BlakOpal Designs in Second Life (SLURL)
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New for men, the Habsburg Suit!

After many requests for our male customers (and lots of prodding from Trilo *g*) I am very happy to announce the release of a new outfit for men, the BlakOpal Habsburg Suit. With a wonderful stand-up collar and silk trimmed lapels, this is a very stylish outfit. The shirt comes with a high collar with a wrapped cravat, and brocade silk vest … which we are also offering in a bundle of five additional colors. The pants are in a fabulous two-tone contrasting fabric. The suits are available in four versions.
BlakOpal Habsburg in Burgundy with a Champagne vest, and warm-gray pants. 

And because we know you're thinking "But blakopal, I don't have Ivory shoes to go with that suit!", we also present the BlakOpal Nexus Low-Top Boot in Ivory. (You're welcome. *g*)

These suits & boots are available now at BlakOpal Designs (SLURL), and also available on Xstreet.

I hope that you enjoy the new outfit, and have a great day!

=^.^= blakopal

Suit photos shot on location at the Isle of Cheswick (SLURL)

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A caped coat for men in these snowy times

The weekend and it's 4-day holiday was a wonderfully productive time for me. Trilobyte can attest to the fact that i hardly left the computer, being immersed in one design after another (with yet another still in the nebulous phase ... but more on that soon). But first ...

Following the turn of weather in the Steamlands, I set about to make even more warm outerwear for residents and travellers alike. Following the Rousette Coat for Ladies, I set my mind to getting something warm into the shoppes for men. I rummaged through my bolts of fabrics, looking for just the right color and texture. Something the men of the steamlands just couldn't keep their hands off of ... and there, in the back corner of an upper shelf, I discovered the perfect one ... sure it was a bit ragged, and a little worn in patches, but it just screamed winter yumminess to me ... ad so the Inverness Coat was born. Based on a caped coat design I had seen recently on a gentleman in the streets, I attempted to add some original BlakOpal styling. I was thrilled to see the men dropping the crates off at the docks a few days later, being able to get the finished coats out on the racks just as the worst of the storm hit town. The reception has been very good so far, and I will be rummaging around the stacks of bolts to see what other long-forgotten yardage I can find for variations on the style.

I have already seen some wonderful photos of this outfit showing up in various places online, and I'm very happy with the overall look. I think it's one of my moodiest outfits yet. *grin*

Have a warm and wonderful week!

=^.^= blakopal
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