Precious Gems Gowns

Ever since I made the Precious Metals Gowns, I have been wearing the copper gown around the shoppe. It's become one of my favorite outfits. But I kept wanting to wear a purple version. "But there aren't any purple metals", I'd tell myself. Then it hit me ... I should do some Precious Gems!
These gowns have the luminescencent glow of the metals gowns, with the faceted shimmer of beautifully cut gemstones. Available in a wonderful Amethyst purple, and a gorgeous Sapphire blue, which just happens to match the Men's Habsburg blue-vested suit.
Both the BlakOpal Precious Gems Gown in Amethyst, and the BlakOpal Precious Gems Gown in Sapphire come with three skirt options. It can be worn as a stylish tea-length dress, with the more formal long skirt, or with the addition of the victorian-style bustle. The sheer shoulder drape wraps loosely around the bodice, giving you a beautiful decolletage, and the elbow-length gloves add just the right touch.

This is an elegant, versatile gown ... one I hope you enjoy wearing as much as I do.

=^.^= blakopal

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Men's outfits:
BlakOpal Habsburg Suit in Black & Blue
Blakopal Levant Suit in Purple
Women's accessories:
Womens shoes by Basevi Moda (SLURL)
Pearl necklace by JCNY (SLURL)
Diamond necklace by Wunderlich's Historical Garb (SLURL)

Shot on location in Paris 1900 (SLURL)

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Precious Metals Gowns

Shimmering with layers and layers of super sheer metallic fabrics, wrapped around the waist, and encircling the shoulders … like a virtual cloud of wonderful, ethereal silk. That's the idea behind the new Precious Metals line of gowns. Shimmering in gold, platinum, and copper, the metallic fabrics are simply luscious.
These gowns are designed to be stylish and fashionable, spanning any time frame. Worn with the long skirt and bustle, it's perfect at your next Victorian ball. Remove the bustle for a more modern, but still formal look, or wear the tea-length skirt for everyday wear, or that special afternoon event where you want to look less formal, but still stunning. 
The BlakOpal Precious Metals Gown is available in three metallic shades. The low-cut strapless bodice is encircled around the waist with a silk wrap that ties at one side in a long bow. The sheer pointelle tulle shoulder wrap circles loosely around the shoulders and upper arms, with draped ends at both shoulders. Matching elbow-length gloves, thigh-high stockings, and panty complete this stylish ensemble.
Available at our main store (SLURL), and on Xstreet. More photos can be found on our web site).

Gold and Platinum shot on location at the Rose Theater in Angel Manor (SLURL).

Accessories: Gold necklace and earrings: '85c Midnight Masquerade' by Jewelry by Jake (SLURL), Pearl necklace and earrings: 'Divinica' by JCNY (SLURL), Copper shoes: 'Ekota Amber' by Enkythings (SLURL). Copper bracelets and earings by Steamy Victoria (SLURL).

=^.^= blakopal
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